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Re: Bug#792281: texlive-latex-base: not Multi-Arch: foreign

Hi all,

thanks for the great suggestions and guidelines!!

On Fri, 18 Sep 2015, Johannes Schauer wrote:
>  - libkpathsea-dev, libptexenc-dev, libsynctex-dev, libtexlua52-dev,
>    libtexluajit-dev carry the development headers and *.a files and a symlink
>    to the shared library. *-dev packages are usually marked M-A:same as well
>    and thus the same rules apply as for shared libraries: files that in a
>    shared location between packages of different architecture must be
>    bit-by-bit identical. The risk that they differ is a bit higher here as
>    sometimes, headers carry auto-generated architecture specific information.

They are different. Arbitrarily checking mipsel versus amd64 I see:

 /* The size of `long', as computed by sizeof. */
-#define SIZEOF_LONG 8
+#define SIZEOF_LONG 4


 /* Number of bits in a file offset, on hosts where this is settable. */
-/* #undef _FILE_OFFSET_BITS */
+#define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64

That does mean we cannot share them, right? And as a consequence the
packages have to be M-A: <whatever>

MOre later ...


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