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Re: let us moderate the debian-consultants list

Hello Stephen, 

Am 2004-09-25 12:04:20, schrieb Stephen Hardman:
> Hi everyone,
> Re: Objectives

> Philosophically, the fact that it exists proves that Debian isn't
> just a free *anything* zealot group and gives Debian a commercial
> dimension to support the free software side.  I think ONE aim of
> Debian is to penetrate the commercial market, but if a company or
> consultant finds no way to communicate with other consultants or
> people who use Debian in a commercial situation while investigating
> its potential they may be put off Debian.


I have gotten some client-contacts in Strasbourg, but the 
have found my E-Mail/Address via an other Debian-List...

They told me, this list (debian-consultants) is death !

> The fact that we don't end up with many legitimate posts may be
> evidence that after selecting the product there have been few
> problems while consulting with it.  If they are posting their
> questions to other lists as Debian "users" then that's fine as well,
> it would mean they caught the Debian Fever :-)


> Going through the archives there do appear to be a few people
> seeking consultants.  I expect that interested people would have
> replied to the poster directly rather than post their business
> arrangements back to the list once initial contact is made. Business
> people have a tendency to get back to work once their needs have
> been met, but it would be nice if any of those people would reply
> to the list to say whether they got what they needed.

Right, and because there are some people (including me) 
regulary subscribed to this list, the question is WHY ? 

Maybe, some of the subscribers of this list post a schort 
description of themself and about what they can support or
which services they are offering...

So if there is some one which is looking for a consoultant. 
maybe the posted messages can be found via mailarchives and 
our allknown Goole-God...

I like to post in german (native), english and french.

> As for the spam, I get thousands more spams personally than through
> the list, and most of it is caught by a spam filter so I find it
> trivial.

I get between 2000 and 8000 SPAMS a day and 90% comes directly 
to <linux4michelle@freenet.de> 

Many thanks to the developers of spamassassin.

> See archives 2003-Jun/Jul for the last time this came up.

> Cheers,
> Steve


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