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Re: let us moderate the debian-consultants list

Am Samstag, 25. September 2004 06:04 schrieb Stephen Hardman:
> I think the purpose is a little different to discussing just the
> technical aspect, it includes the logistics of consulting utilising
> Debian.  It's to discuss how we find clients that want to use Debian,
> how to determine that it's appropriate for a situation, calls for
> help (eg. your question would be appropriate if you included more
> information about your environment).
this would be an appropriate objective for the list I think. 

The list where Debian Consultants hang out.

> Going through the archives there do appear to be a few people
> seeking consultants.  I expect that interested people would have
see the latest post on the list:
" I'm looking for some Debian Experts to get a job done."

this is one of the mails that should be welcome on debian-consultants.

> As for the spam, I get thousands more spams personally than through
> the list, and most of it is caught by a spam filter so I find it
> trivial.
I have a SpamAssassin setup and it does not classify mail from this list as 

> On Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 10:17:59PM -0400, Josh Horner wrote:
> > What hardware setup is the easiest to install debian on and integrate 
> > an existing windows 2003 domain?
I think as long as you have an Ethernet connection and at least 32 MB RAM  
I think everything will work just fine.

> > I'd be willing to lend a hand to moderating.
so would I. And yes, we need a pool of moderators.

> > I think the list has a philosophical reason to continue existing
> > even if it continues to have little real mail. (We've argued this


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