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Re: let us moderate the debian-consultants list

Am 2004-09-24 11:08:17, schrieb Sis:

> Hello,
>    I've been a member of this group since before the first spam.
> Mostly the arguments have been whether to disband the group
> altogether because nobody ever uses it. So if we got rid of the
> spammers, there would, in effect, be no traffic on the list. :)


>    Seriously though, there is so little traffic on this list that i
> would be willing to be a "moderator" or even "owner" if nobody else
> wants to do it. This would obviously be a low priority and so i
> might not get to releasing a valid e-mail (if there is one) for some
> days (if on vacation, etc.).


>    Another possibility is to make it so that only members may post.
> Is this a mailman list?

Debian use "smartlist"

>    If this is acceptable to the group, i will take on the
> responsibility. Although, for security reasons, i would appreciate
> it if there was, at least, one backup moderator. I've seen too many
> lists that are out of control because the owner/moderator vanished.

In general I am online 24 hour a day and 7 days a week and I am in 
this list sind very long time... since 2001/2 dont know exactly. 

Maybe I can make the reserve moderator.

I am subscribed to more then 50 Debian-Lists and this List is one 
of the first I check, because the Low-Traffic  :-)

> sis


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