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Re: consulting rates

On Friday 25 May 2001 18:42, Jeremy T. Bouse wrote:
> Russell Coker was said to been seen saying:
> > To get the good money you need a consulting company of some sort.  I am
> > currently considering how to setup some sort of company or co-operative
> > to achieve better rates.  The market isn't so good now, maybe in 6 months
> > time I will move on this.
> 	I had actually thought of using my current consulting company which
> I have filed in this manner. Allow other independant contsultants to work
> under the umbrella of it. Had intend'd to put together an intranet site of
> sorts where available consultants could check-in for jobs and such but just
> never found the time to do so. Also have the site be able to generate
> quotes and invoices in PDF format to submit to clients through the site.
> 	If anyone would be interrest'd in doing this I've got server space,
> bandwidth and domain (not currently used) to make ready...

OK.  My situation at the moment is as follows.

I have just been for an interview for a contract with a major bank which has 
some (non open source) work that sounds reasonably interesting and might be 
as good as things get for the moment.

If that doesn't work out then I'll be very interested in following up such 
things as much as possible, both in terms of doing work, obtaining work for 
others, and setting up the infrastructure.

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