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Re: consulting rates

On Friday 25 May 2001 09:50, robin.c.smith@bt.com wrote:
> Not necessarily, a typical consultant from a big firm such as Oracle will
> charge over $1400 per day.

An expert consultant from a large firm will cost well over $2000 per day.  
$3000 per day isn't unheard of.

But no company will pay that to an individual.

> You just have to brand yourself as cbetter value than the large
> consultancies, try for $125 per hour.

Unfortunately there are two major categories of companies, those who look at 
the "value for money" issues and those who don't.

The ones who look for value for money discover that they can get skilled 
Linux people for less than $125 per hour and do so.

The ones who don't pay according to who they are paying.  They will pay large 
amounts of money to KPMG, EDS, IBM-GS, and other consulting companies, they 
pay medium amounts of money to contractors who work through recruiting 
agencies, and they seem to only pay small amounts of money to independant 

To get the good money you need a consulting company of some sort.  I am 
currently considering how to setup some sort of company or co-operative to 
achieve better rates.  The market isn't so good now, maybe in 6 months time I 
will move on this.

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