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Re: Packaging AWS Agents for Debian

On 2016-12-05 12:29:24, Brian Gupta wrote:
> If you found the time to do this, whether or not Debian is listed in AWS docs,
> I think Debian's users would benefit, and is for that reason worth doing. The
> main challenge I see is that typically these tools evolve at a faster rate than
> Debian stable, and users will need the latest version, so maybe make them
> "backports only"?

Yeah we had discussion in this subject as well during sprint.
I think we agreed that preferred way would be proposed-stable-updates or
stable-updatesa way instead of backports.

Other issues for me is that those agents are written with different languages
what causing a bit of overhead with the whole endeavour.
Ruby, GO, Python with their whole dev ecosystems there maybe need for updating
some libs before updating agents so it may become a bit tricky task to do.

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