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Packaging AWS Agents for Debian


Watching how I can improve the current status of Debian support at $DAYJOB
I realized that AWS agents are not packaged even if their license
allows it

I wonder if packaging them, on main, would make Debian supported by AWS?

When I said supported by AWS I mean Debian having the same status as Amazon Linux, 
RH, and Ubuntu in docs like this



  Debian is not mentioned. I used ubuntu's deb and it worked fine, 
  upstream repo https://github.com/aws/amazon-ssm-agent
  recently the agent has been re licensed to Apache 2.0, so free software

  As a sysadmin I think that having SSM on AMIs installed by default
  would be good

- cloudformation init 
  that's all
  no source repo, no named releases (there is an xml file where you could parse the 
  date of last update)
  libs embedded: urllib3, chardet, requests, CA root certificates
  license is Apache 2.0

- CodeDeploy agent
  ruby, tagged releases on github
  LICENSE file says its Apache 2.0

- awslogs
  the package is just glue on top of aws-cli-plugin-cloudwatch-logs
  a-c-p-c-logs  appears to be free software according to
  but on pypi says otherwise https://pypi.python.org/pypi/awscli-cwlogs

  awslogs is under Amazon Software License, which does not comply with DFSG

Maybe there are other agents out there that I don't know about it

I'm *really* interested in feedback from from Amazon folks here, if Debian doesn't
get the supported status by AWS, I won't have the time to own this
effort (I don't know ruby so I can't help with the CodeDeploy agent


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