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Re: Hello


On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 07:02:43PM +0000, kuLa wrote:
> Having all above in mind I think that if you'd join cloud-team even if you
> don't want to be any where near to the main purpose of it and putting cloudy
> stuff you maintain under it's umbrella may give some people a bit more
> encouragement to spend some time on them helping you.

I have no problem with joining the cloud team, but I would have some
concerns moving all the Azure packages out of their nice Azure-focussed
environment into a hodgepodge of all the clouds.

The current list of packages is at:


This is not a trivial number of packages. What I would propose is that if
the cloud team makes the ACL for members available to other projects, I'll
add permissions that members of the cloud team are automatically members of
the Azure team. (in Alioth land)

An alternative that would be more work, and I would only consider if there
were really strong objections to not doing it, would be to create an Azure
specific mailing list under the cloud team and use that as the maintainer
line. The important thing is that people that care about one cloud but not
the others don't get lost in the fog of automated mails.

> I'm not saying that if you want do it nobody will try to help you, but I'd say
> purpose of the cloud-team is to help maintaining packages related to the
> 'clouds' collaboratively so this may have better traction then asking for help
> anywhere else.
> But at the end decision belongs to you.

For as long as I'm the person doing the most work, it's my decision. As soon
as someone comes along with demonstrably more resource than me, I'm happy to


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