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Steve asked me to send an email.

Here is an email.

I was aware that the cloud sprint was happening, but it was in America and
I'd rather not go there.

I see that FAI has been chosen for producing the cloud images. At this
point, having looked at FAI, I think I'm going to say that I don't want
anything to do with cloud images. It would have been nice to have built the
live images with the same tool as the cloud images but this is too different
and too much mental overhead for me.

I may still explore the creation of Azure images with vmdebootstrap, as I
had before, though as vmdebootstrap heads for a major rewrite I think this
will also not happen.

I do however maintain, and will continue to maintain, the client-side
management tools for Azure and for Digital Ocean (some in the archive, some
on their way in). I am open to collaborating on these if other would like to
offer their time.

The big thing I need to get finished for the Azure tools is writing a new
backend for their plugin system to use dpkg instead of pip (to allow plugins
to be installed from Debian as opposed to untrusted/untested sources like

The Azure agent is not packaged as part of the Azure team, and the Digital
Ocean tools are currently maintained not by a team but by solely myself (in

There are other parts of the Azure SDK (such as the golang bits) that are
maintained by the "go" team, which I think really should be coordinated by
an "azure" team. Most of the SDK packages are all autogenerated from the
same git sources using bindings generators.

That's about where I am, but I've written this in a hurry on a train and
I've likely not made good sense and forgotten things. Ask questions and I'll
expand on things.


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