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Re: Hello

On 2016-11-14 15:17:22, Iain R. Learmonth wrote:
> Hi,


> Steve asked me to send an email.

Yeah, he is demanding one :-D


> I do however maintain, and will continue to maintain, the client-side
> management tools for Azure and for Digital Ocean (some in the archive, some
> on their way in). I am open to collaborating on these if other would like to
> offer their time.


> The Azure agent is not packaged as part of the Azure team, and the Digital
> Ocean tools are currently maintained not by a team but by solely myself (in
> collab-maint).
> There are other parts of the Azure SDK (such as the golang bits) that are
> maintained by the "go" team, which I think really should be coordinated by
> an "azure" team. Most of the SDK packages are all autogenerated from the
> same git sources using bindings generators.

Having all above in mind I think that if you'd join cloud-team even if you
don't want to be any where near to the main purpose of it and putting cloudy
stuff you maintain under it's umbrella may give some people a bit more
encouragement to spend some time on them helping you.
I'm not saying that if you want do it nobody will try to help you, but I'd say
purpose of the cloud-team is to help maintaining packages related to the
'clouds' collaboratively so this may have better traction then asking for help
anywhere else.
But at the end decision belongs to you.

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