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Re: Best practices: mirror names, backports, ... (was Re: Service names for Debian mirrors in cloud infrastructure)

Le Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 05:31:19AM +0100, Martin Zobel-Helas a écrit :
> i agree that this is a topic that needs some discussion too, but can we
> pretty please move this discussion to a seperate new thread?! It makes
> staying on-topic on and finding the result later on of the discussion
> much more easy.

Sure, there is already a thread and I was hoping that you would reply in it :)

Here is a reference to the last message, where I summarise why backports are
not and will not be enabled by default in the short term.


Alternatively to backports, regarding stable updates, here is a reference to a
message where I propose:

"I still hope that we can convince the Release team to accept updates of
cloud-init if they are dilligently tested and unanimously approved by all the
providers of "official" Debian cloud images using it.  The key point in my
opinion is to have a process that can be reviewed and trusted."


Have a nice day,


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