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Re: Should cloud-init be used only for initial setup of the VM, or left active during the VM lifetime ?

On 06/11/2015 02:58 PM, Emmanuel Kasper wrote:
> Hi List
> I am building with the nice folks at Proxmox[1] a virtualization
> platform, based on Debian, KVM and LXC, with a rest api and a web front end.
> We are considering adding cloud-init support in our API to add an
> out-of-VM way of doing the system.
> As I don't have preliminary experience with cloud-init, I am not sure
> what is the best way to use cloud-init. Is it meant to be always run on
> start, overwriting local settings in /etc/network/interface, or only
> once during the provisioning the machine ?

cloud-init doesn't overwrite /etc/network/interfaces, typically, you'd
run it using dhcp pre-configured there. What gets overwritten is
/etc/hosts and /etc/hostname (so that you get the hostname from the
metadata server), but that is even configurable and a user can decide to
leave his /etc/hosts untouched.

> It seems if I remove the config drive, the startup process hangs
> waiting, so it seems to me cloud-init is meant to be run at each boot,
> or am I missing something ?

You don't need a config drive, a metadata server compatible with EC2
(which is what OpenStack provides) can also work.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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