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Re: Should cloud-init be used only for initial setup of the VM, or left active during the VM lifetime ?

Le jeu. 11 juin 2015 à 14:58, Emmanuel Kasper <emmanuel@libera.cc> a écrit :
Hi List
I am building with the nice folks at Proxmox[1] a virtualization
platform, based on Debian, KVM and LXC, with a rest api and a web front end.

We are considering adding cloud-init support in our API to add an
out-of-VM way of doing the system.
As I don't have preliminary experience with cloud-init, I am not sure
what is the best way to use cloud-init. Is it meant to be always run on
start, overwriting local settings in /etc/network/interface, or only
once during the provisioning the machine ?
cloud-init taks in charge the contextualization of the server too (ec2 context variables for example), so it needs to be launched on each startas context parameter may change.


It seems if I remove the config drive, the startup process hangs
waiting, so it seems to me cloud-init is meant to be run at each boot,
or am I missing something ?


[1] https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Main_Page

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