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Re: bootstrap-vz configs for vanilla debian boxes: initial commit

Hi all,

I finally got around to push an initial version of bootstrap-vz
for vanilla debian boxes to be uploaded to hashicorp's atlas.

There's no config management software contained - did we come to a
conclusion re that subject yet?
There were differing POVs if we should include CM software or just
the user how to install it.

To keep the boxes as small as possible and because some CM software
might not be DFSG comliant, I vote for the 2nd possibility:
Tell the user how to install it, but don't include it.


Sounds great Jan! I'll be expecting a PR with the addition of an
official vagrant manifest then :-)

Regarding the CM. I think we talked about modifying the bundled
Vagrantfile to install the desired CM on boot. You could then create a
few flavors using the exact same box. Or maybe I misunderstood that
part, but that is what I would find useful I think.

Hi Jan,
Looking forward to git pull. Did you push your work on Alioth ?

It seems most people who wrote on https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=787298, and according to what I heard on the Vagrant user group, most people prefer a base box without provisionners.

Actually adding a provisionner to the base box is just a matter of adding:

 config.vm.provision "shell",
 inline: "sudo apt-⁠get -⁠-⁠yes install cfengine3"

inside the config block of the Vagrantfile

@anders: is the 0.95 release enough to build vagrant boxes ? It would make sense to use a stable release of bootstrap-vz if possible, so we could switch to the packaged version of bootstrap-vz in the mid term. We would then be able to create Vagrant base boxes using only software available in Debian.


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