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Re: Official Debian Images for Vagrant


I'm in the core committer team of Vagrant, and as a long time Debian user would really like to see official Debian boxes!

On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 12:46 AM, Anders Ingemann <anders@ingemann.de> wrote:

bootstrap-vz might not be the magic bullet for everyone who wants to get an image for virtualization going.However, I do think that finding a bug hidden between ~3.700 lines of code (bootstrap-vz) is a bit easier than doing that when looking at 40.000 lines of code (packer).

Packer is quite new project too, so sure there are bugs. But I assume the user base is also much bigger than for the bootstrap-vz. At least for now. =)
If I understand the inner workings correctly, packer does not run things as a chrooted environment, instead it boots things up and then connects via ssh after everything is installed (not sure how the installation works, probably preseeding).

Correct and correct. A good example for building Vagrant boxes for VirtualBox and VMware Workstation&Fusion are the Packer templates here: https://github.com/opscode/bento

I'm impressed that Mitchell has managed to maintain it and that everything works across providers AND distributions. But dayum! That's a lot of code for bootstrapping.

Yeah, Packer does a lot more too, e.g. supports provisioning with Chef/Puppet/etc.

I can't tell if Packer is the right choice, but VMware boxes would be really nice to have too. The already existing images for AWS, GCE, Digital Ocean, etc. could be used as is. The Vagrant "box" is just a tarball with metadata specifying the box, SSH user and so on. For example: https://gist.github.com/tmatilai/7553092

  - Teemu

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