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Re: official images status quo


On 13/05/13 at 11:15 -0400, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
> I agree it seems fine to me at that point, though Lucas hasn't yet
> said in this thread whether he is okay with Debian hosting an official
> image build tool on GitHub instead of Alioth (see the wording he put
> on his draft wiki page today and your reply on April 24 to ambiguity
> in his original definition). It doesn't bother me strongly since every
> git checkout is a complete copy of the repository, so if GitHub were
> to vanish we'd just have to upload somewhere else. My guess is Lucas
> finds this non-ideal but acceptable (me too), even though he hasn't
> said so.

I think that we should aim for official Debian "stuff" (packages, tools,
infra, ...) to be maintained by Debian teams using acknowledged Debian
good practices, in order to minimize the barrier to contribution on that

If GitHub is merely used as a mirror of the git repo, that doesn't
bother me. But I don't think that it is acceptable to maintain that tool
using GitHub processes (merge request, etc.), as that would require
contributors to have an account on github. Now, I know that some
packages or tools don't match that good practice, but that's not a
reason to add more of them.


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