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Re: Debian archive distribution via CloudFront CDN

Ah - of course. You're right, Brian - that would be free: each AWS Region has an Edge Location within it (accessible within each AZ); traffic within an AZ is not charged for. Right now http.debian.net is directing IPs on the AWS BGP ASNs to CloudFront, so you should be seeing faster downloads already! (Our Debian EC2 AMIs use http.debian.net in sources.list by default, so the goodness has already started!).

CloudFront is available inside and outside of AWS EC2; visit http://cloudfront.debian.net/. I'm happy to add more paths as upstream sites that we want to accelerate for the Debian community; just ask -- suggestions welcome.

After we've had perhaps another week of testing, I'll review the traffic stats/charges and then possibly list this on the mirrors page (through technically not a mirror).


On 11/05/2013 6:06 PM, Brian Gupta wrote:
Great work James! (All of it).  Really great that Amazon is picking up
the tab! I think Anders is asking if an end user of EC2 uses this
service, if they would have to pay for traffic. Since, generally data
transfers into an EC2 instance don't have transfer fees, except in
very specific cases, I suspect using this service from an EC2 instance
would NOT incur additional transfer fees for the end user, but if you
could confirm that would be great!

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