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Re: Debian archive distribution via CloudFront CDN

On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 5:56 AM, James Bromberger <james@rcpt.to> wrote:
> On 11/05/2013 4:52 PM, Anders Ingemann wrote:
> This is awesome! Great work!
> Does pulling data from CF via an EC2 instance incur traffic costs?
> Great question - and I promise this is not a set-up! Yes, but Amazon's got
> it covered.
> However, the charging pattern for this would be:
> 1) for the traffic from the Edge locations to the end customer, based upon
> where that Edge is in the world
>   - volume charge
>   - charge per request against CloudFront - a few cents per 10,000 HTTP
> requests. Details are here http://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/pricing/
> 2) for the EC2 instance
>   - volume charge for the egress traffic from (to the Edge locations; but
> then that's cached for a (configurable) period, and its only for specific
> files within /debian/dists/*, which is relatively small)
>   - per-hour charge for the EC2 host; this can be optimized with Reserved
> Instance pricing

Great work James! (All of it).  Really great that Amazon is picking up
the tab! I think Anders is asking if an end user of EC2 uses this
service, if they would have to pay for traffic. Since, generally data
transfers into an EC2 instance don't have transfer fees, except in
very specific cases, I suspect using this service from an EC2 instance
would NOT incur additional transfer fees for the end user, but if you
could confirm that would be great!

> If you find any files being stale through CloudFront please let me know. The
> default cache time for everything in /debian/dists/ is currently 5 minutes;
> I may increase this slowly to 15. Overriding this are the following
> LocationMatch lines:
> 60 seconds for: ^/debian/dists/.*\.diff/(Index)?
> 60 seconds for: ^/debian/dists/.*/i18n/(Index|Translation-.*)?
> 60 seconds for:
> ^/debian/dists/.*/(binary-.*|source)/(Packages(\..*)?|Sources(\..*)?|Release)?
> So in the case of the files
> http://cloudfront.debian.net/debian/dists/testing/main/binary-amd64/Packages.diff/:
> * The directory index should match and be refreshed after 60 seconds
> * The "Index" file should match and be refreshed after 60 seconds
> * The individual time-stamped files falls to the default 5 minutes for
> everything in /debian/dists/ (but these could be indefinitely cached in
> theory)
> The default cache expiry time for paths in /debian/project/ is 60 seconds.
> And lastly, for the main pools - 24 hours. I'll continue to tune this
> There's 40 Edge locations currently live for CloudFront globally.
>   James
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