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Debian on Google Compute Engine becomes more available in ~3 hours


In connection with Google I/O, Google announced that Google Compute
Engine is available to everyone starting at 6PM Pacific Time tonight
(TZ=America/Los_Angeles / Thursday 0100 UTC):

blog post: http://googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com/2013/05/ushering-in-next-generation-of.html
signup instructions: https://developers.google.com/compute/docs/signup

This availability increase does not change David's and my existing
offer to provide gratis access to help test, improve, and maintain the
Debian images, but at your own expense you're now welcome to use
Debian (or CentOS) on Compute Engine for other purposes, or to help
with the image effort without having to ask us for access.

One nice change is that the newly released gcutil 1.8.0 will let you
simply add instances with "debian-7", "debian-6"(, "centos-6"), or any
longer prefix for the newest image of each release instead of giving
long paths and needing to know the image date. Of course the previous
naming still works for more control, or for API-based instance
management. And yes, the web console's "New Instance" screen defaults
to Debian. :)

If you're keeping track, we've now released 3 versions of the Debian
images in 9 days. With the initial launches and bugfixes out of the
way, things will probably slow to a more normal pace now.

- Jimmy

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