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Re: Straw poll - cloud-init in base AMIs (was Re: cloud-init_0.7.1-3~bpo70+1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into wheezy-backports, wheezy-backports)

On 5/05/2013 11:09 AM, Charles Plessy wrote:
One solution would be to add wheezy-backports to /etc/apt/sources.list.  By
default, it will never cause the installation of backports on the system unless
the administrator specifically requests it.

One nice side effect of this is that other, additional AWS packages that are frequently updated become easily installable. I'm thinking of libraries and SDKs that AWS releases (under an Apache license, so all fine for main?), but which release rapidly... not to mention other tools that become useful quickly. I want to ensure we have an option in stable/main eventually, but stable/backports looks like a better option for newer upstreams to be available to users. But our 'base' AMI should be as 'pure' to main and minimalistic as possible, flexible enough to be made into something else (such as installing X).

I agree that cloud-init in the EC2 image is only supportable if we have security updates, and right now thats with "backports by default in apt.sources"; this I think we stay as we have done.

If the cloud-init backport works well, another solution would be to add
cloud-init to Wheezy in the next point release.  (In know that it is not on
this list that it has to be formally proposed, but I think that this request
would only have a chance to pass if it is largely consensual here, so let's
discuss it here first).

I think cloud-init in stable/main is grand idea; with cloud-init having matured on other distros previously, its unlikely to have rapid development and become incompatible over the life span of Wheezy. Hence I concurr - lets put cloud-init into Wheezy in the next point release, and we'll cherry pick that package into our base install AMIs.

We should consider some other AMIs that our base offering does not address:

* An AMI set with pre-installed AWS SDKs and tools (boto, etc); probably using backports in apt.sources for this.
* An AMI set with pre-installed a desktop system with VNC/RDP, etc; probably using backports in apt.sources for this.
* An AMI set with pre-installed specific blends, like Debian Dr, DebianMed, etc.

And then do we list all of these both in the Debian AMI account, and the Debian Marketplace account (for "discoverability").

So based on this discussion, I have 32&64 bit EBS root AMIs without cloud-init in all regions. I am looking to generate instance store versions tonight (AWST +0800).

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