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Re: Please let's not talk about "clouds"

    Description: OpenStack Compute
     OpenStack is a reliable cloud infrastructure. Its mission is to produce
     the ubiquitous cloud computing platform that will meet the needs of public
     and private cloud providers regardless of size, by being simple to
     and massively scalable.
     OpenStack Compute, codenamed Nova, is a cloud computing fabric controller
     designed to be modular and easy to extend and adapt. In addition to its
     "native" OpenStack API, it also supports the Amazon EC2 API, and it
     many different database backends (including SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL),
     hypervisors (KVM, Xen), and user directory systems (LDAP, SQL).

This is not clear at all -- I would not have the faintest idea what it
means.  It would be clearer if it said "IaaS".

     Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs
     To Useful Systems - is an open-source software infrastructure for
     implementing "cloud computing" on clusters.

That is a little clearer, because of "on clusters".
Still, "implementing IaaS on clusters" would be clearer.

And why say "open source"?  It should say "free/libre".

     Leveraging Linux and web
     service technologies that commonly exist in today's IT infrastructure,

     Eucalyptus works with multiple flavors
     of Linux including Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Debian, and CentOS.

How about changing "Linux" to "GNU/Linux"?
Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Debian, and CentOS are all GNU/Linux distros.
Is it even possible to run Eucalyptus plus Linux (the kernel)
without the rest of the GNU/Linux system?

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