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Re: Please let's not talk about "clouds"

    I happen to agree with you that the term cloud is far too ambiguous and 
    hopelessly overloaded. IaaS is a much more useful term. I bid you good 
    luck in your efforts to get people to stop using the wrong words.

It's not a matter of luck.  You have an influence in it.
If this list is really meant for discussing Debian and IaaS,
how about renaming it to `debian-iaas'?

We can't tell others what words to use, but we don't have
to follow them in a confusing choice.

Thomas Goirand wrote:

    The fact that the term "cloud" has been used over and over
    again in a wrong way, only to qualify hosted content by some
    huge company who did evil things doesn't mean that the word
    itself is bad and should be ban.

Does anyone else agree with that?

    It's like the media using "hacker" for all sorts of things the bad
    guys are doing.

I think there's an important difference between the two cases.
The misuse of "hacker" insults us hackers,
I don't see that the confusing use of "cloud" insults anyone.

Also, a network pioneer (sorry, I don't recall who) says that the
original use of "the cloud" in connection with networks was
to refer to "all the rest of the Internet out there; everyone
else you might want to communicate with."

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