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Re: [SOLVED] Re: Results of first run of Cinnamon 4.8 packages

Hi Fabio,

thanks again.

> yes, data/cinnamon-screensaver.pam.debian is the same but for use it
> need "-D use-debian-pam=true"
> https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-screensaver/blob/master/data/meson.build

My question is, which of the two options do you prefer:

1) remove debian/cinnamon-screensaver.pam

2) keep it and use "-D use-debian-pam=true"

At the moment we keep it but not use it.

> > Do you suggest shipping all the csd_* as links in /usr/bin?
> don't seems good these links and I not know if needed for something, and
> about unneeded override_dh_clean I saw I already remote it, so probably
> is ok

I agree that the links don't look useful/necessary. We can add them in
case there are requests/complaints later on.

> upload to experimental can be ok is you did at least one fast test of
> install and use them (I not had time, sry)

I did of course install and run the packages several times, fixed some
bug yesterday, ... - the packages worked on both a completely new
account as well as my old account with lots of spices added.

I will see whether I come around to make an upload today or tomorrow
(including any new releases that might happen on the way).



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