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[SOLVED] Re: Results of first run of Cinnamon 4.8 packages

Hi Fabio, hi all,

ok, cinnamon-menus 4.8.1 fixes the segfault ... I can now run cinnamon
on my desktop with all packages updated to 4.8.

If you want an apt-installable repository, I can update the OBS repo
so that it is easy to test.



On Sat, 28 Nov 2020, Norbert Preining wrote:
> The cinnamon-launcher code calls cinnamon --replace, but that crashes
> with
> 	Cjs-Message: 09:58:14.375: Profiler is disabled. Not setting up signals.
> 	Clutter-Message: 09:58:14.398: Sync method: PRESENTATION TIME
> 	Cjs-Message: 09:58:14.478: JS WARNING: [/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/extension.js 260]: unreachable code after return statement
> 	Cjs-Message: 09:58:14.495: JS LOG: About to start Cinnamon
> I created a core dump and run gdb on it, this is top part of the
> backtrace:
> (gdb) bt
> #0  __strstr_sse2_unaligned () at ../sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/strstr-sse2-unaligned.S:40
> #1  0x00007f0b5ac1ba1d in ?? () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcinnamon-menu-3.so.0

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