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Re: [SOLVED] Re: Results of first run of Cinnamon 4.8 packages

Il 29/11/2020 20:47, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
> Hi Fabio,
> thanks a lot for your quick review, much appreciated.
>> -  cinnamon-screensaver: to check better about pam, for example in
>> upstream added this :
>> https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-screensaver/commit/07fba34429fcff78da4057fe9aed91f5657abe4c#diff-81d93757457f988523814ae0009837ae893f38d3fe123f2c37896f118b4c7804
>> (probably to add "-D use-debian-pam=true")
> The pam file that *we* have in debian/cinnamon-screensaver.pam and the
> one in upstream in data/cinnamon-screensaver.pam.debian are completely
> the same, so I suggest:
> - leaving the use-debian-pam *off*
> - remove the debian/cinnamon-screensaver.pam
> to reduce differences to upstream.

yes, data/cinnamon-screensaver.pam.debian is the same but for use it
need "-D use-debian-pam=true"

>> - cinnamon-settings-daemon: to look better about bin links integrated in
>> meson:
>> https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-settings-daemon/commit/21511abd352cbc70ce55897550abc47c57f7f54b
> Good question. I have set
> 	-D install_binfiles=false
> in debian/rules, because we didn't ship links to all the
> 	csd_*
> in /usr/bin till now.
> I am not sure how useful these links are.
> Do you suggest shipping all the csd_* as links in /usr/bin?

don't seems good these links and I not know if needed for something, and
about unneeded override_dh_clean I saw I already remote it, so probably
is ok

>>     probably to add "-D docs=true"
> not supported in cinnamon-settings-daemon, at least according to
> meson_options.txt.

you right, I not checked meson file but only debian/rules upstream

>>     to look better also other things about migration to meson (I don't
>> have time now)
> Actually, the debian/rules file needs more cleanup, there are no
> links.in files anymore, so the dh_clean override can be removed.
> I have removed the stanza now.
>> https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-settings-daemon/commit/34b412038bdfdd567fc8492ad8f9439e6e9dff12
>> probably to remove debian/source_cinnamon-settings-daemon.py also here
> Good catch, what is that 
> 	apport
> anyway? Doing an apt-cache search apport doesn't show up anything.
> I have removed it.
>> - cjs: to check better if other clean and improvements are possible
>> after recent upstream rebase (I don't have time now)
> I de-activated the meson option
> 	-Dinstalled_tests=false
> and removed the respective files from debian/not-installed. I don't see
> much more that can be done, though.
>> - cinnamon-control-center: to check better if other clean and
>> improvements are possible after meson migration and some upstream clean
>> (I don't have time now)
> I don't see any possible improvement here. Meson doesn't offer any
> options but the integration of wacom etc, which is already done.
>> - cinnamon: missed xapp version bump
>> https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon/commit/ac36f156edd31bdbc201ca8c38908a2342c667a1
> Thanks, bumped.
>>    to check better if other clean and improvements are possible after
>> meson migration and some upstream clean (I don't have time now)
> I already use -Ddocs=true from meson, but I am not sure what else could
> be used.
> Thanks a lot for all your suggestions.
> With the above open question (install links to csd_* in /usr/bin)
> decided, what about uploading a first set to experimental?

upload to experimental can be ok is you did at least one fast test of
install and use them (I not had time, sry)

> Best
> Norbert
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