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Re: User support for the debian-chinese-*

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  You are repeating yourself.

  IIRC, the two lists were forwarding mail to each other about 4 or 5
years ago. And the mail system translate the messages into different
'encodings' for the users.

  It's because at that moment, linux leaks good Unicode support. It's
not because people like you prefer to read messages in Simplified
Chinese or Traditional Chinese.  It's done for helping people
communicate with each other.

  Now, we got better Unicode support. Which means we can discuss the
issues  in general encoding, and our software can read it. Unless you
are still using mail reader in CLI.

  The advantage of merging two lists, is that we can discuss the two
writing system in same encoding. And don't need to worry about the
symbols you want to say is broken by the translation gateway.

  Regarding to the suggestion you provided. Yes, I am sure we can do
that, even through it can be difficult to set up the gateway in Debian's
mail server.

- -Rex

Shih-Yuan Lee (FourDollars) wrote:
> Rex,
> The original post is to ask the mailing list's users opinion.
> And I express my opinion. That's all.
> In fact, I have a idea about how to merge debian-chinese-big5 and
> debian-chinese-gb.
> That is to use some tools like 同文堂 to translate from simplified
> chinese to traditional chinese in debian-traditional-chinese.
> And to translate from traditional chinese to simplified chinese in
> debian-simplified-chinese.
> We can see both original traditional and simplified chinese in debian-chinese.
> Users that can read traditional chinese to subscribe debian-traditional-chinese.
> Users that can read simplified chinese to subscribe debian-simplified-chinese.
> Users that can read both traditional and simplified chinese to
> subscribe debian-chinese.
> All posts can be exchanged in
> debian-chinese/debian-traditional-chinese/debian-simplified-chinese.
> Yeah, I am childish. I just want to express my angry on Li Xin's
> private email by posting yet another meaningless mail on the list.
> Afterward, if someone reply a private email with an unfriendly message
> according the mail list's subject, I will do the same thing again.
> So don't reply an unfriendly message in a private email according the
> mail list's subject to me, send the unfriendly message to mail list,
> let everyone see your unfriendly message. Express your unfriendly in
> public.
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