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Re: Re: User support for the debian-chinese-*

Dear Rex,

[英文先寫的不過放在底下] [English below]

"小弟習慣看繁體字" -> I am used to read traditional chinese.
"在閱讀簡體字上有困難" -> I have difficulty to read simplified chinese.
"因此反對合併" -> Thus I am opposed to merging debian-chinese-big5 and
debian-chinese-gb into one.

還有 li xin 直接寄了一封郵件到我的郵件位址並沒有 CC 給 debian-chinese-big5 或是 debian-chinese-gb
我認為 li xin 對我的態度很不友善所以我回覆他的信件並且 CC 到 debian-chinese-big5 還有 debian-chinese-gb
我並非是討厭簡體中文. 我只是討厭 li xin 單獨地寄了一封不友善的訊息給我.

[開始寫英文] [English begin]

I think you misunderstand my original meaning.
Allow me to translate my first reply in English.
"小弟習慣看繁體字" -> I am used to read traditional chinese.
"在閱讀簡體字上有困難" -> I have difficulty to read simplified chinese.
"因此反對合併" -> Thus I am opposed to merging debian-chinese-big5 and
debian-chinese-gb into one.
I am just not used to read simplified chinese that is not relative to
my personal favorite.

And "li xin" send a mail directly to my personal email address but not
CC to debian-chinese-big5 or debian-chinese-gb.
I think "li xin" has an unfriendly attitude to me so I reply "li
xin"'s email and CC to debian-chinese-big5 or debian-chinese-gb.
I am not to dislike simplified chinese. I just DON'T LIKE "li xin" to
solely send me an unfriendly message.

2008/5/21 Rex Tsai <chihchun@kalug.linux.org.tw>:
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> 本文以英文撰寫,為了溝通方便,特翻譯成中文
> 四元,
>  我們理解你不愛讀簡體字,但是你的論述除了自私的表達自己的偏好外,並沒有
> 任何論點。更糟的是,你甚至在論壇上回應愚蠢的挑釁。那種行為對此議題毫無幫
> 助。請不要再犯。
>  我相信我們可以針對此議題達成共識。各位都有權提供你寶貴的意見到論壇上,
> 但是請明確表達你的訴求。至於那種宣告支持或反對的單行覆議,就請免了。
> 關於此議題
>  我認為目前的社群是不健康的。
>  我指的是我們在兩種編碼群體中,有幾位 Debian 開發者與貢獻者。他們大部分
> 都彼此認識,他們私底下對話、討論、工作並攜手解決問題。這種共事合作非常
> 好。但是,我鮮少看到公開的討論。
>  問題在於資訊沒有流通到社群的其他人
>  * 有些決議沒有尋求意見或審閱
>  * 某些決議過於偏頗,未能詢問另一編碼用戶意見以顧全大局。以至於難能建立
> 中文系統共用的基礎設計。
>  * 義工無法從私下對話中得到資訊,而分攤工作 (如偶發現即將發行,卻尚未翻
> 譯特定軟體)
>  * 新加入者無法了解狀態,因為缺乏公開紀錄。
>  * 分散有限的資源,無所助益。
>  我可以列出一打該合併的理由。不過我可以馬上分享有一個最顯著的例子[1]。王
> 宗漢字型是一個台灣自由軟體相關研討會最重要的議題之一。這個問題在繁體中文
> 社群可以更輕易的被回答 (或找到人回答),但是它被發佈在簡體論壇,因而被忽
> 視了。
>  這個問題可以透過合併論壇與雙方合作來避免。
> 1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-chinese-gb/2008/05/msg00018.html
> - ----
> FourDollars,
>  We understand that you DON'T LIKE to read Simplified Chinese, but your
> message does not make any point besides that you are so selfish for your
> preference. And you even respond to the stupid challenge on the list,
> that make this thread unproductive. Please don't do it again.
>  I am sure we can have the general agreement on this issues. Anyone of
> you could submit your valuable opinion on the list, but please send it
> with meaningful arguments. Please stop express support or opposition to
> something someone else has already said.
> For the topic,
>  I feel that we are currently have a unhealthy community.
>  I meant that we have a few debian developers and contributors in two
> 'encodings' of group. And many of them know each others, they talk,
> discuss, work and solve problems with each other in private. Which can
> be good, because they work together. But, I rarely see they post the
> discussions on the list.
>  The problem is the information is not passed to others in the community.
>  * Some of the decisions are made without asking for review or ideas.
>  * Some decisions are made without considering the overall situations,
> which we can not work out a general infrastructures for Chinese users.
>  * People can not share the working loading, if the discussion is in
> private.
>   Ex: No one translate the installer, before the new release.
>  * New contributors can not follow the work, since the discussion is not
> archived.
>  * Diversity of limited resources does not do any good.
>  I can list dozen of reasons for merging the two list. But there is a
> obvious case[1] I can share with you. Hann-Tzong Wang's font is most
> active topic of open source conferences in Taiwan. The question is much
> easier to be answered by Taiwan users. But since it's post in
> debian-chinese-gb list, it can be just ignored.
>  We can fix that by merging the list and work together.
> 1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-chinese-gb/2008/05/msg00018.html
> best regards
> - -Rex
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