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Re: mutt and asian fonts

Hello Guys !

Ok thanks to Ben Luo, I fixed the problem.
By the way, in you muttrc file, there are your imap login and password

all I need is in fact to set the charset to big5 in the muttrc file, but
if I do that, I wouldn't be able can't my others mails (that use
iso-8859-1 or iso-8859-15 encoding).
just need to create an alias

alias cmutt="/bin/cp -f ~/.muttrc ~/.cmuttrc; echo \"set charset=\"BIG5\"\">>~/.cmuttrc; cxterm -e mutt -F ~/.cmuttrc"

and it works fine !! :)

> Use procmail to process the messages is also an option.
> But nothing is perfect in the world with all kind of
> encodings. That's why unicode is important. :)

Unicode ?? 
Well it would be a good idea, if I got perl with unicode support.
I remember once I installed the perl debian package it screwed up my
PC :(
Ok it was part of my fault it was marked as unstable ...

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