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Re: mutt and asian fonts

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 09:26:18AM +0200, William Wu wrote:
> On 10 Sep, 2002, Ben Luo wrote :
> I tried to use mutt 1.4 still doesn't work.
> But I realized that if the mail header discribed the charset (eq Big5)
> mutt display nonsense ... In the other hand given a mail written in big5
> without any "Content-type" header I can see properly the mail ... weird
> huh ?

You can set the content type manually when reading a mail.
use ctrl-e. There could still be problem with subject field
or message list screen. But... 

Use procmail to process the messages is also an option.
But nothing is perfect in the world with all kind of
encodings. That's why unicode is important. :)

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