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Re: mutt and asian fonts

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Hi, friends:

    mutt in freebsd (say, ports/chinese/mutt) has a patchset for
miscellous Chinese display/input problems. Current we have:

o) big5 line wrapping (mutt internal pager)
o) cursor movement for big5
o) utilize libhz from autoconvert, by wrapping libiconv.
and some other stuff.

    Those patchsets are on


    I do not think they could be cleanly applied against ordinary mutt
distribution; they're for freebsd ports, and freebsd ports is
certainly an evil monster. Please extract them and see what evils
we've done, sorry. Currently we only have better big5 support. GB
support needs hackers like you from China ;)

    In freebsd stable branch, there's no full wide char support. Thus
parts of the patchset are just workarounds to overcome this. I think
mutt now uses wide char, and how does it work in Linux ?


On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 09:26:18AM +0200, William Wu wrote:
> On 10 Sep, 2002, Ben Luo wrote :
> > use crxvt+mutt
> > search debian-chinese-gb mail list achieve in www.debian.org
> > you will find how to change ~/.muttrc (by foka)
> I can't find the article, it seems that Anthony Foka posted a lot of
> article, though.
> I tried to use mutt 1.4 still doesn't work.
> But I realized that if the mail header discribed the charset (eq Big5)
> mutt display nonsense ... In the other hand given a mail written in big5
> without any "Content-type" header I can see properly the mail ... weird
> huh ?
> Any idea ?
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