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mutt and asian fonts


 I was just wondering if mutt on the debian 3.0 Cd 's is able to display
and sent mails with asian fonts (japonese and -traditional and simplied-
chinese). And how can I compiled/patch mutt to support -perfectly-
big5/gb2312/UTF-8 ?

 Another question, how to use cxterm to input chinese ?
 I have to admit that I never tried to input chinese with cxterm that 
(I use cxterm to display chinese). I use windows to input chinese ...
which mean reboot computer etc ... I use french keyborad ... can you
tell me if I would get any trouble to use cxterm ?

thanks a lot.
best regards.

William. clef-PGP : http://william.wu.free.fr/wu.asc
"if you see a pingouin  ... brr... close the Windows !"

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