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Bug#489516: [debian-cd] debian-cd should be able to manage other components than main/contrib/non-free

On Friday 30 January 2009, Jonathan Hall wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > Note also that the "local" component is already being
> > handled separately.
> That brings up another question... should I simply add a
> CUSTOM_COMPONENTS feature, or should I merge the exiting
> LOCAL/LOCALDEBS features into the new CUSTOM_COMPONENTS option, thus
> simplifying configuration, while possibly breaking backward
> compatibility of configuration files (Is that a concern with a project
> like this anyway)?

What you essentially want to do is extend the "local" option to also cover 
components with different names, BUT...

The essential feature of "local" is that it can be in a different path 
from the main archive. So what we have to decide here is:
1) will the new custom components always be on the same path as main
2) will the new custom components always be on the same path as local
3) allow to specify a separate, third path to "other" components (keeping
   the main mirror path as default)

The implementation depends on the answer to that question. I'd say to go 
for either 1 or 3. 2 would reduce current flexibility.

Even if that's agreed on, it should still be possible to reuse parts of 
the code already there for "local", but not all.

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