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Bug#489516: [debian-cd] debian-cd should be able to manage other components than main/contrib/non-free

Jonathan Hall <jonh@nmgi.com> writes:

> Frans Pop wrote:
>> Note also that the "local" component is already being handled
>> separately.
> That brings up another question... should I simply add a
> CUSTOM_COMPONENTS feature, or should I merge the exiting
> LOCAL/LOCALDEBS features into the new CUSTOM_COMPONENTS option, thus
> simplifying configuration, while possibly breaking backward
> compatibility of configuration files (Is that a concern with a project
> like this anyway)?

If it is mergeable, it is better to merge it.

backward compatibility is always good. I think it's going to be easy
to provide it in this case. Maybe would be nice to warn during the
build about the new configuration to allow the dropping of it in

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