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Open source projects

Dear Linux Community,

We have launched a open source community for developers and educators.  We used Moodle for building our site so that you can create your own projects and courses. Within these courses you are able to create new code, blogs, forums, and share ideas using tabs. We would like to know if you would give us some feedback on this project. Here are a couple of course tutorial examples below for your review. 

You can view the site at www.cipherhive.org  login as a guest. The course list will follow on the homepage.

Example: Starting a course (Developers/Teachers/Educators start here)

Example: Ubiquity with Moodle

If you have any questions please email me at dtalley@cipherhive.org or call me at 941-423-9160.


Daniel Talley

CipherHive Lead Development Team


















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