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Bug#489516: [debian-cd] debian-cd should be able to manage other components than main/contrib/non-free

On Friday 30 January 2009, Jonathan Hall wrote:
> An alternate method, which is probably a bit more in line with the way
> other debian-cd CONF.sh options work, would be to support a
> CUSTOM_COMPONENTS variable that explicitly specifies one or more
> additional components to include.  The only advantage I can see to this
> method is that it allows exclusion of components--but I have to wonder
> why you'd have a component in dists/ if you didn't want it included
> anyway... ?  Does anyone ever do this?  Maybe non-free falls into this
> category?

IMO this is the only correct way to implement this, and for exactly the 
reason you mention. Note also that the "local" component is already being 
handled separately. Support for additional components could be based on 
that, though possibly without the option to specify and alternative path 
for them.

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