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Bug#489516: [debian-cd] debian-cd should be able to manage other components than main/contrib/non-free

I have similar needs, so have been working on addressing this issue, and will submit a patch later. Before I get too deep into hacking debian-cd to do this, I have a question to pose to those who have a better feel for how debian-cd is used in the wild...

The simplest way I can think of to implement this, is simply to use all components found to exist in dists/, probably by assuming that any matches for "dists/*/binary-$arch/Packages.gz" indicate valid components. This would allow for the inclusion of an arbitrary number of components (Our own project requires two extras, in addition to 'main').

An alternate method, which is probably a bit more in line with the way other debian-cd CONF.sh options work, would be to support a CUSTOM_COMPONENTS variable that explicitly specifies one or more additional components to include. The only advantage I can see to this method is that it allows exclusion of components--but I have to wonder why you'd have a component in dists/ if you didn't want it included anyway... ? Does anyone ever do this? Maybe non-free falls into this category?

The former approach is simpler to design, and simpler to configure, so if that would work for all real-world scenarios, I'd prefer to do that.



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