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Re: new debian-cd release needed for sarge

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 09:21:32PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:

Hi Joey,

>I think we need one more debian-cd release for sarge. The IMHO release
>critical fixes included in current CVS include:
>    - Exclude all the new amd64 kernel images from cd #1, no space.
>    - Add network-console-config to forcd1 since it's needed by the
>      network-console udeb. Closes: #279238
>    - Update task lists to reflect tasksel changes.
>    - Exclude new kernels from CD1.
>    - Update tasks/base-sarge for debootstrap 0.2.45 [...]
>    - update tasks and tools to make 2.6.8 kernels primary on hppa
>    - add ramdisk_size=16384 to palo call in post-boot-hppa
>The rest of the changes are pretty nice too.. Any chance a new debian-cd
>release can be updated sometime soonish?

I'll take a look shortly. I'm snowed under for today/tomorrow, but I
should be OK at the weekend.

>Also, I noticed that the mips netinst CDs seem to lack any kernel debs,
>which is a pretty bad bug.

Ouch, yes. Manty might know more about that, I hope...

>Also, has anyone ever considered moving debian-cd from cvs to a more
>modern revision control system? I like subversion, although some of the
>things I've had to do with debian-cd for the debian-edu derived
>distrubution, including maintaining branches that consist of fairly
>small, static patches, actually suggest to me that arch may be a better
>fit in this case.

I'd not really considered it myself. Probably a good move at some
point, yes, but (assuming it ever happens) not before sarge at least

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