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Re: Wrong md5 for woody r4 Power PC DVD?

On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 03:34:34AM -0800, Jeff Ballagh wrote:
> On a related note, when jigdo verifies an iso, does it verify the files on
> the iso individually or the image as a whole? I went fishing through the
> ..jigdo file looking for an md5 that I could compare with what I found on
> the cdimage server but came up empty handed.

jigdo verifies the entire image. Additionally, it verifies each individual 
file when it is written to the image.

All those checksums are stored in the .template file, you can list them 
with "jigdo-file list-template -t foo.template". Add a "--hex" switch for 
hexadecimal format. The "image-info" line at the end contains the image 



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