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Wrong md5 for woody r4 Power PC DVD?

Would someone please verify the md5 for
debian-30r4-dvd-powerpc-binary-1_NONUS.iso ?
I've downloaded it twice via jigdo and both times jigdo verification comes
out clean but an md5 of the iso does not match the signed MD5SUMS file on
the server.
md5 of the file:
b243a816e5abda6670baa232edbd5800  debian-30r4-dvd-powerpc-binary-1_NONUS.iso


md5 from MD5SUMS:
490a5d28dfed1634edf6e9e9d23d283f  debian-30r4-dvd-powerpc-binary-1_NONUS.iso

Also, should http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/#which include a link to
the DVD jidos?

Jeff Ballagh

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