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Missing files when downloading sarge cd images with jigdo

Hi all,

I don't know whether this is the appropriate list to ask this question but I hope you redirect me to the relevant list.

I am trying to download sarge cd images using jigdo. But starting with 9th disk some files mentioned in the jigdo file can not be found on the server and jigdo tries another mirror (gluck.debian.org) whitch is unresponsive. I can not find this mirror in mirrors.jigdo. Where does it come from?

I tried another mirror but the result is same. gluck.debian.org is tried. Then I reload jigdo file but nothing changed.

I searched mirrors for the missing files but I couldn't find.

Google gives URL's for the mising files but I don't know how to dowload and add to the cd image.

Any one has an advice?



Murat Ozsoyler

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