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Testing CD/DVD images "Official"?

I'm working on getting setup to become yet another Debian-CD vendor, and am wondering about the proper labeling for the testing CD/DVD images available from http://cdimage.debian.org/pub/cdimage-testing/

Can images formed from the .jigdo files/templates available here be labeled 'official' (assuming MD5 sums match) ie:

  Debian GNU/Linux
  Testing "Sarge"
  Official Snapshot
  alpha Binary-1

...or do they need an 'unofficial' moniker?


- I have been unable to find the README.official file referenced by README.CD-manufacture in the debian repository. Perhaps this needs to be updated?

- The README file in the debian-cd package (found in a general search to find README.official file, which is listed in the debain-cd changelog) just says to never use "official" on anything I build myself.

- The images available in the cdimage-testing directory seem to be labeled "official" (at least the first one I checked, which was titled: 'Debian GNU/Linux Testing "Sarge" Official Snapshot alpha Binary-1' in the README.txt file ).

I just want to be sure, before I mistakenly label something official that's not.

Charles Steinkuehler

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