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Re: Unofficial woody i386 DVD .jigdo - please test

On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 05:35:14PM +0100, Andrew Elwell wrote:
> I don't have a DVD writer, but am looking for an easy way of getting a
> local LAN deb mirror. Would jigdo -> dvd -> loopback mount -> apache
> vhost be a suitable method? 

Hm, you can simply copy the contents of all your woody CDs into the same
dir on your HD, and then use apt-ftpmirror to generate the Packages files. 
(Or use that dir as the basis for a rsync or http mirror tool.)

> or is there a better way. (last time I tried rsync it timed out bigtime
> when generating the initial list)

I think the list is huge, and its generation will put quite some strain on 
the server you're mirroring from. :-/


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