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Some thoughts

We just had a little talk/workshop/discussion regarding the iso mirroring
situation. Some thoughts and ideas:

Most people liked the long filenames (debian-30r1-alpha-binary-1.iso)
better, so lets go with this even if it makes the rsync hardlink tricks a
bit more tricky. Any objections?

One suggestion for being able to have testing images that are just a
simple repoint away from actual release would be to have a similar setup
in the debian-cd dir as the main archive:

  stable -> woody
  testing -> sarge

And then just repoint the stable link at release time.

Otherwise it seemed to be a general consensus that splitting into
cd-master and cdimage was a good idea and hopefully this could be done
soon, perhaps even before an r2 woody release to be able to use that as a
test case. Having a master site with an authorative directory and naming
structure was also seen as a good thing.

There was also a request for a contrib-directory for knoppix or a few more
knoppix mirrors in .us. I fear that with every extra gig in debian-cd/ we
are going to lose more full mirrors though. But perhaps a couple of mirror
admins in .us could take a look at mirroring it?

I'm taking a look if the initial cdimage -> a few mirrors distribution can
be done with bittorrent or if that is too inefficient/difficult/whatever.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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