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Unofficial woody i386 DVD .jigdo - please test


sorry Goswin, I couldn't make it in time... anyway, the DVD image I have
created needs some further testing before handing it out to any Linuxtag

The .jigdo and .template file are at

The image doesn't include non-us because farbror doesn't mirror that at
present. Also, there's only i386 for now, but I could create images for all
arches once everything works.

The image is completely untested because I have neither the bandwidth to
download it nor a DVD writer. If *you* (yes, you there! ;-) would like to
see weekly woody DVD snapshots, please help me by trying it out and
reporting back whether it works or not.

I'm using the following values for size variables. Are they OK?

The snapshot directory was created by a new feature which I integrated into
debian-cd, and which creates an appropriate hard link the moment the match
of (e.g.) a .deb file is detected. IMHO this is nicer than Phil's and
Manty's existing solutions. I'll discuss this in a separate mail.

Have fun,


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