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Re: Unofficial woody i386 DVD .jigdo - please test

On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 16:20, Richard Atterer wrote:

> The image is completely untested because I have neither the bandwidth to
> download it nor a DVD writer. If *you* (yes, you there! ;-) would like to
> see weekly woody DVD snapshots, please help me by trying it out and
> reporting back whether it works or not.

:) Great stuff Richard, I'll grab the jigdo and burn it later today,
then see how it runs.

> I'm using the following values for size variables. Are they OK?
>        SIZELIMIT1=4655000000
>         SIZELIMIT=4700000000
>      SRCSIZELIMIT=4700000000

They look ok, if theres any problems I'll let you know.

> The snapshot directory was created by a new feature which I integrated into
> debian-cd, and which creates an appropriate hard link the moment the match
> of (e.g.) a .deb file is detected. IMHO this is nicer than Phil's and
> Manty's existing solutions. I'll discuss this in a separate mail.
> Have fun,
>   Richard
John Holroyd
Demos Technosis Ltd

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