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Re: Patch for small cd images and producing them officially?

* Richard Atterer 

| On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 10:34:14AM +0100, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
| > All people who install debian (unless they use ar and tar by hand)
| > need debootstrap.  Debootstrap installs base (and some extras, if you
| > want that).  This means that for all normal users, they'll need the
| > «normal netinst image».  Only people who put stuff on bbc will want
| > the smallest variant.
| This sounds like the netinst CD only contains additional packages
| which the business-card CD is able to download from the net. But if
| they can just be downloaded, why put them on the CD?

It'll be faster to install off a CD than a net connection, and some
people use the CD multiple times, so it's bandwidth saved.  As I
wrote: _everybody_ needs base.  But one should be able to do with just
a d-i cd and install off that.

| Or will the business-card CD be significantly more difficult to use
| because debootstrap doesn't fit on it, or something?

Debootstrap is tiny, that's not the problem.  Debootstrap's base
packages won't fit.

| BTW, with boot-floppies there is the problem that certain packages
| have to be present on the CD for you to be able to install using PCI
| ISDN cards. Is this still the case with the new installer?

Nobody has yet done any work wrt PPP installs at all.

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