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Re: Patch for small cd images and producing them officially?

* Santiago Garcia Mantinan 

| I've been working on a patch to make debian-cd be able to build small cd
| images. I think this one does it.
| The following patch produces images just with:
| 1-debian-installer and the doc
| 2-debian-installer, files necesary for a basic install and the doc

Cool, this will _finally_ make it possible for us to have official
netinst images.  They've been missed.

| First of all, what do we want to build, the smaller ones 45 Mb right now,
| or the installable from cd ones, 83 Mb.

Why not both?

| Second but not least, there are several problems with the dependencies on
| d-i:
| The first one is that the packages depend on libc6, which causes libc6
| to go into the cds wich means at least more than 3 megs of unneeded
| oversize, the packages depend on libc6 2.3.1 and we are putting on the cds
| version 2.2.5.

This could be fixed by having packages not using the normal
shlibs:Depends, but rather a shlibs:Depends-udeb which lists, say
libc-udeb instead of libc6 (>= 2.3.1-5)

| Second, there are some d-i udeb packages that won't be installed due to
| missing dependencies, these missing depends are libparted1.6-0 and
| libdebian-installer3 which are on sid but are not udebs on d-i repository.
| The packages that depend on them and that don't go on the cd are:
| anna, autopartkit, choose-mirror, ethdetect, main-menu, net-retriever,
| netcfg-dhcp and netcfg-static.
| I can fix this last problem adding those packages from sid, but I really
| believe that that is not the way to go. I believe that this should be fixed
| by making udebs of those packages with the right dependencies. As for the
| dependency on libc6, that should also be fixed on d-i packages.

yup, as above, imho.

(Cc-ed to boot, to see their comments)

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