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Re: Patch for small cd images and producing them officially?

Le Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 11:28:15PM +0100, Santiago Garcia Mantinan écrivait:
> Hi!

Hi !

> I've been working on a patch to make debian-cd be able to build small cd
> images. I think this one does it.

Great ! I applied it. 

> First of all, what do we want to build, the smaller ones 45 Mb right now,
> or the installable from cd ones, 83 Mb.

Both but we need to make them very distinct. Let's call the little one
"Business Card CD" and the bigger one "NetInst CD".

> The first one is that the packages depend on libc6, which causes libc6
> to go into the cds wich means at least more than 3 megs of unneeded
> oversize, the packages depend on libc6 2.3.1 and we are putting on the cds
> version 2.2.5.
> Second, there are some d-i udeb packages that won't be installed due to
> missing dependencies, these missing depends are libparted1.6-0 and
> libdebian-installer3 which are on sid but are not udebs on d-i repository.
> The packages that depend on them and that don't go on the cd are:
> anna, autopartkit, choose-mirror, ethdetect, main-menu, net-retriever,
> netcfg-dhcp and netcfg-static.

Both of thoses should be fixed with the hack that I committed together.
I include udebs without checking dependencies, that means they won't be
rejected because of missing dependencies but also that existing
dependencies won't be included unless explicitely requested via the list
of packages (provided by the TASK variable). I hope this won't cause
unexpected problems.

As usual I didn't yet test what I committed. Any feedback is welcome ...

Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://www.ouaza.com
Formation Linux et logiciel libre : http://www.logidee.com

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