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Re: Patch for small cd images and producing them officially?

* Richard Atterer 

| On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 01:55:57PM +0100, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
| > > | First of all, what do we want to build, the smaller ones 45 Mb
| > > right now, | or the installable from cd ones, 83 Mb.
| > > 
| > > Why not both?
| > 
| > It's ok with me, we only need good names for them so that people
| > know what to download ;-)
| No, please not both! I don't care which size you decide upon, but
| adding yet more choices to the web site will only serve to confuse
| users. As it is, we've already more than enough choices on the main CD
| web page...

We'll have three choices: 

- Full CD install (no network connection required) (leads to the
  normal ISOs)
- NetInstall (network connection required, base on CD) (leads to the
  d-i + base images)
- NetInstall for bootable business cards (network connection required,
  only d-i on cd)

Today we have five netinst images alone with no real difference in
description (LordSutch.com ISOLINUX mini-ISO image, Ian Eure's netinst
images, David Kimdon's boot-floppies netinst images, Eduard Bloch's
netinst images and XFS netinst image).  The only image which
differentiates itself from the others (wrt to the description) is the
XFS netinst image.

So, going from five to two netinst images will cause less rather than
more confusion, I think.

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